Newly reformed New Kids On The Block are so determined to smash the charts with their musical comeback that stranded members flew out of a hurricane for a rescheduled performance this week (beg01Sep08).
Members of the 1990s pop group were left stranded at their homes when Hurricane Gustav hit the U.S. Gulf Coast earlier this week, forcing the singers to cancel their performance on NBC's The Today Show on Tuesday (02Sep08).
Several members greeted screaming fans who waited in the rain, signing autographs and accepting gifts as they awaited the arrival of missing members, before regrouping for the later show on Thursday (04Sep08).
Singer Danny Wood says, "The fans spent so many days waiting for us to come. All of us would've been there but some of the guys were flying in on later flights."
Bandmate Donnie Wahlberg adds: "You hear the cliches about the fans but it's true, what would we be without them?...
"It took a hurricane to stop it. The first time we were here, it was freezing rain. The second time, it was torrential rain. Then this time, it took a hurricane. And you know what, we had to bow down to the hurricane and postpone it.