New Kids On The Block singer JOEY MCINTYRE went off the rails when the band split - and often got so drunk he would sleep in his garden.
The boyband parted ways in 1994, and MCIntyre confesses he would frequently wake up in his front yard after a night of hard partying.
But he insists he always steered clear of drugs - and eventually cleaned up his act with the help of his family and friends.
MCIntyre, 35, says, "We all went through bumpy times in our own ways. Sure, we are going to make mistakes, but luckily our close families were there to make sure we didn't fall too hard.
"We all had to figure out our lives after the craziness of New Kids ended. I didn't go to college so I didn't have that party time, but I definitely had party time where I was going out and passing out on my front lawn a couple of times.
"Boston (Massachusetts) is a very small town so you can't get a big head as they keep you down. They keep you grounded.
"Many of our friends are like, 'How did you guys not manage to get into drugs?' That would never cross our minds."
MCIntyre and bandmates Jordan Knight, Jon Knight, Danny Wood, and Donnie Wahlberg have since reunited and are currently preparing for a world tour.