Newly reformed pop group New Kids On The Block refuse to take credit for launching the careers of *N Sync and THE Backstreet Boys - insisting the honour belongs to a long line of their predecessors.
The 1990s teen idols recently reunited after 15 years away from the limelight, but maintain their history-making career pales in comparison to other legendary performers.
Joey MCIntyre explains, "People say we were the first boyband, but we always point to New Edition... but then you go back to the Temptations and the Philly Soul and all of those groups."
Donnie Walhberg adds, "We don't think we were the greatest group in the history of the world. We were a big group but there were times we deserved the criticism... that some of our songs and performances weren't good.
"For the Backstreet Boys and *N Sync, it's probably hard for them there was a lot of backlash... from us. We didn't infuse those people with perseverance and drive and dedication."