New Kids On The Block are planning to banish British women to a cordoned off area of their cruise ship to keep their saucy antics under control.

The former boyband has launched regular boat-based tours since reuniting in 2008, and they will be casting off on their fifth voyage next month (May13).

The cruise departs from Miami, Florida on 18 May (13) and returns four days later following stops in the Bahamas, and the singers plan to herd their female British fans into a special section of the vessel to curb their wild antics.

Jordan Knight tells U.K. magazine Ok! he recently travelled to the party resort of Ayia Napa on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus for a Tv travel show, and he was shocked by the behaviour of the Brits.

He says, "It was fun. That was an experience, just to be where people from the U.K. go. Did you see when I was talking about the topless sunbathers? I thought topless sunbathing was a French or Italian Riviera thing, but British women just yank it off! There's none of that on the cruise - we have a British section for us prudish Americans, we have to section it off!"

New Kids on the Block released their sixth album, 10, earlier this month (Apr13).