New Found Glory guitarist Steve Klein has been booted out of the band due to "personal differences" with the rest of the group.

The announcement that Klein, the band's primary lyricist and founding member, has left the rock group came on Wednesday (11Dec13).

A post from the group on its official page reads, "It is with heavy hearts that we must let you know that Steve Klein is no longer a part of New Found Glory. We’ve had our differences with Steve over the years that have led us to this decision. We love Steve however personal differences have guided this decision and we no longer feel we can work with him.

"Rest assured that New Found Glory will still go on! After the Parahoy Cruise we are planning to write a new record and start this new chapter for our band. We have not decided on who will fill Steve’s position however we will let you know our plans as soon as we figure that out. We love you, our fans, so much and appreciate your dedication and loyalty to our band. We hope you stick by us during this difficult time."

Lead singer Jordan Pundik, guitarist Chad Gilbert, bassist Ian Grushka and drummer Cyrus Bolooki will remain part of the group.