Singing siblings the Neville Brothers have announced plans to donate partial proceeds from their new album to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

Brothers AARON, ART, CYRIL and CHARLES hail from New Orleans, Louisiana, a city now deserted and submerged under water following the trail of death and devastation wreaked across America's Gulf Coast.

And while their families have sought refuge in neighbouring states, they're planning to aid the recovery of their beloved region by donating a portion of the royalties from their current album, WALKIN' IN THE SHADOWS OF LIFE, to the American Red Cross. Their record company EMI plans to match whatever they give.

Aaron says in a statement, "To see my New Orleans in the state she is in is my worst nightmare. We are all praying for our extended family to be reunited.

"Hopefully, our prayers are not falling on deaf ears. By the grace of God, New Orleans and the entire Gulf Coast will pull through this massive devastation."