Neve Campbell danced with a broken rib for her new ballet movie The Company because she refused to give up the chance of performing with her favourite troupe.

The actress, who is also the producer of the new film, managed to sign up the revered JOFFREY BALLET for three weeks - and then smashed a rib three days before she was due to start filming with them.

The actress, who was a ballerina in her youth, was told by doctors it would be too painful to move, let alone dance, but she persevered.

She says, "I went to 12 doctors and each of them said, 'Wow, a broken rib. That's too bad. There's nothing you can do except not move.'

"But I couldn't not do the dancing, because we only had a three-week window to shoot with the Joffrey.

"It was painful, but dancers are kind of masochistic in that way."

14/12/2003 21:07