Actress Neve Campbell endured physical pain for her part in new film THE COMPANY - but injured herself before she even started training for the role.

The PARTY OF FIVE star prepared herself mentally for the hard work she would endeavour while training 81/2 hours a day for her role as a ballerina in the dance movie, but unexpectedly dislocated her knee while dropping from a helicopter to snowboard in the Canadian Rockies before filming.

Campbell then followed up that "really dumb" move by breaking a rib during training - and subsequently had to film the whole Robert Altman flick that way.

But the 30-year-old actress did well enough that the JOFFREY BALLET of Chicago offered her a job after filming - one that she turned down.

She says, "It wouldn't really make sense for my career.

"The dancers go through all this pressure and all this discipline. They make so many sacrifices, and on average, the career ends at 35, so if I were to start again, I'd be done in five years."

24/12/2003 01:12