Neve Campbell says she wasn't surprised when her friend and 'Scream 4' co-star Courteney Cox split from her husband David Arquette last year. Neve Campbell recently went through a divorce of her own, after separating from husband John Light last summer.
During an interview with iVillage, Campbell was asked whether she was shocked that her friends were separating, to which she replied, "I wasn't surprised. I was aware a little bit of what was going on. They were very professional during the film and weren't talking about it or making an issue of it, but I was somewhat aware of what they were dealing with". Despite the split, Campbell says she is sure that Cox and her husband "adore each other" and "still love each other very much". The actress revealed that she got to know Courteney better after working together on the fourth instalment in the horror franchise, adding, "We hadn't had enough time on the last film to get to know each other properly, and we just sort of fell in love with each other. She's a fantastic woman, really hilarious and wise".
Neve Campbell reprises her role as 'Sidney Prescott' in the forthcoming Scream movie. The film revisits Campbell's character ten years after she last encountered the 'Ghostface Killer'.