Daredevil actress Neve Campbell tested her love of scuba diving this summer (03) when she went swimming with sharks off the coast of Tahiti.

The WILD THINGS star has been a big scuba fan for years, and decided to test her nerve by going out on a shark dive, where she watched a feeding frenzy at close range.

She says, "You go down and sit at the bottom of the seabed - about 70 foot - and you look up and the boat that you came in on throws raw meat into the water.

"They have a feeding frenzy and you watch that and then you have to wait for them to go away before you go up again. There were about 50 or 60 sharks, and some of them were like seven feet.

"The concept is don't go near the red meat and you'll be OK."

19/12/2003 09:22