Neve Campbell the 37-year-old American actress says she has reignited her friendship with Courteney Cox after the pair worked together on 'Scream 4'. Neve Campbell starred alongside Cox in the original horror movies but says she was too young to spark up any real friendship with the Friends star, reports Time Out.
The actress reprises her role as 'Sidney Prescott' in the new movie, once again teaming up with the original director Wes Craven and co-stars Cox and David Arquette. During a recent interview, Campbell responded to reports that she and Cox had "bonded" during filming, saying, "When we made the first, the age gap may have seemed larger because I was only 21, but also she was spending a lot of time with David on those films. She's really bright and really witty and very funny and very wise. I adore her". Cox stars alongside her husband David Arquette in the new movie, despite the fact that the pair recently split. Campbell says she had no idea the couple's relationship was in trouble, saying, "In no way did they show that they were going through anything, but she and I did manage to find more time together". 'Scream 4' has been well received by audiences and critics, but failed to set the box office alight this weekend. Animated children's movie 'Rio' took the top spot with an estimated $40 million in ticket sales.
After completing promotional duties on 'Scream 4', Neve Campbell will begin filming the forthcoming drama movie 'Vivaldi', about Antonio Vivaldi's early life. The film also stars Elle Fanning and ALFRED MOLINA.