Neve Campbell only gets compliments from male fans for one film she's made - because it features her in a threesome sex scene.

The Company actress finds her male devotees always approach her to applaud her performance in raunchy drama WILD THINGS - where she stripped off with Denise Richards and Matt Dillon.

She says, "Whenever guys walk up to me and say, 'I loved you in...' I always say, 'Let me guess, Wild Things?'"

Campbell goes fully nude for the first time in the upcoming WHEN WILL I BE LOVED? - and says her decision to strip on screen was only made because it was essential to the script.

She explains, "I don't believe in doing nudity for the sake of being a box-office draw when it has nothing to do with the movie itself, but in this new film it has to do with the rawness of the character, so that makes sense for me."

19/05/2004 13:45