Neve Campbell considers herself lucky her early acting work proved so successful - because it's given her the freedom to choose what roles she wants.

After starting out in TV hit Party Of Five, Campbell quickly landed roles in horror films The Craft and the SCREAM franchise, propelling her into the Hollywood mainstream.

But now she is a familiar face in Tinseltown, the 31-year-old has taken her career in a different direction.

She explains, "Absolutely. The kind of things I'm making now are more in tune with my own sensibility.

"The independents I've been doing, such as The Company and Panic, are much closer to what I want to do.

"When you first start out, you don't really have a choice - you take whatever comes. It just so happened that one of mine turned out to be a huge hit.

"It was not a conscious choice to become the Scream Queen though, it just happened that way. Now I can do more of what I want."

30/11/2004 17:07