Neptunes producer Pharrell Williams does a gruelling 675 sit-ups every morning - because he was so disgusted by the state of his belly in the video for Snoop Dogg's hit track BEAUTIFUL.

FRONTIN' singer Williams, 30, admits he's now a lot stricter about exercising and the food he eats - after realising he'd allowed his bulges to be displayed to the world in the rap hit.

He says, "People look back at the Beautiful video, and I had love handles, man. I had to get rid of them s***s. So I'm up to 675 sit-ups every morning.

"Also, cut down on bread: I ain't with that Atkins s***, but you gotta keep your carbs to a biscuit-size bread each meal.

"But s***, you do 300 sit-ups and take a shower, man, you're going to have an incredible day."

22/03/2004 01:50