Rockers Neon Trees have scrapped an upcoming show at the Sundance Film Festival following a dispute over ticket prices.

The band was due to play a gig in Park City, in their home state of Utah, on Wednesday (23Jan13) during Robert Redford's famous movie event, which runs until 27 January (13).

However, the rockers discovered tickets were being sold for more than they originally agreed and they axed the show when they failed to reach a compromise with organisers.

A statement posted on the band's page reads, "Our show this Wednesday at Sundance in Park City Utah is cancelled... Originally and contractually the show was $35 dollars (sic). Tickets went on sale and everything was great. Then without our permission or agreement tickets to the show were now being sold for $50...

"When we asked that all tickets be put back to the original and agreed upon price of $35, we were then told some tickets would be sold for $35 and some would continued to be sold for $50. This wasn't what we agreed upon, contractually, and so with that we decided to take ourselves out of the equation completely. Money... Ours, yours, promoters, it's all serious and we realise everyone works hard for it. We aren't at all comfortable in being a band that is involved with weird business involving money."

The rockers have vowed to make it up to fans by staging two intimate shows in their hometown of Provo on Friday (25Jan13) with tickets going on sale for a flat $10 (£6.23) rate.