Nene Leakes continued her long-running feud with Kim Zolciak at the 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion special on Sunday (20th February 2011).
NENE LEAKES refused to put the past behind her and make-up with co-star KIM ZOLCIAK when the pair met up for the recent 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' reunion, reports pair had a huge argument during the third season of the show when Leakes aired her disapproval at how Zolciak was speaking to her own assistant. During the reunion special, on which the pair were expected to make-up, they began arguing again and Leakes eventually concluded that their "friendship was over". On 31st January 2011, the 44-year-old wrote a blog post entitled 'Under Attack' in which she stated, "So Season 3 has come to an end! I'm happy to have it behind me..There are so many issues I could address over the past few weeks with these ladies, but I choose not to because it's easy to attack and judge". During Sunday's reunion, Zolciak told host ANDY COHEN that she wished Leakes well in her life and seemed genuinely moved whilst watching a montage of the pair's funniest moments. However, Leakes sat unmoved through the clip and reiterated that their friendship was over.
NENE LEAKES who is set to appear on the forthcoming season of 'Celebrity Apprentice' with Donald Trump, is in the process of getting divorced from husband GREGG LEAKES. During an episode of the reality show in November, the 44-year-old visited a lawyer to talk about her divorce options.