The English and German versions of Nena's 1984 video 99 LUFTBALLONS will be played back to back on US cable music channel VH1 Classic for an hour on Sunday (26MAR06) after a generous fan paid $35,000 (GBP20,500) for the privilege. As part of a Pay to Play for Hurricane Katrina Relief fundraiser, viewers could request one video to be played on VH1 Classic for every $25 (GBP14.80) donation. For a $35,000 (GBP20,500) donation, they could select an hour's worth of music videos. One Nena fan used this opportunity to get his favourite tune played over and over again. The Cold War protest song, aka 99 RED BALLOONS, will air again and again on Sunday afternoon. VH1 Classic's Pay to Play venture was a huge success for the channel, which raised more than $200,000 (GBP118,000) for relief charities.