Rapper Nelly has found himself at the centre of controversy following a concert in Missouri last year (10), after the promoter accused the star's road manager of threatening his life.
The Hot In Herre star headlined the first rap gig in the resort town of Branson at The Mansion Theatre in August (10), after organiser Paul Dunn worked tirelessly to obtain the required permits.
The show was a success but Dunn claims relations with members of Nelly's camp turned ugly when the concert wrapped and he was allegedly confronted by the hip-hop star's road manager, Abby Cole, to hand over more money.
Dunn insists he only agreed to pay Nelly a total of $40,000 (£26,700) for the appearance, but Cole reportedly cornered him and "demanded" a further $35,000 (£23,300) in cash.
When he refused, Cole is accused of taking matters into his own hands and following the promoter to a local restaurant.
Dunn claims, "(In the restaurant parking lot, Cole) basically kidnaps one of my security guards. I thought I was going to get shot. I thought to be honest with you; I thought I was fixing to get shot."
The promoter managed to escape unharmed after handing over a cheque - which he later stopped before it could be cashed.
But a representative for Nelly's Derrty Entertainment firm has challenged Dunn's account of events and vowed to take legal action over his allegations.
Company boss Blu Bolden sent an email to local news outlet KSPR, stating: "We expressly deny the allegations raised by Mr. Dunn and intend to pursue our claims in the appropriate venue."
Dunn did not report the alleged incident to police and Cole will therefore not face criminal charges, reports YoRaps.com.