Rapper Nelly's new energy drink Pimp Juice will still hit the shelves of American stores, despite a campaign to ban the beverage.

JIM KEYES, the CEO of leading convenience store chain 7-ELEVEN has announced a number of his stores will stock the drink, despite protests from religious leaders that the beverage sets a bad example to youngsters.

Keyes says, "You can't underestimate the bottom line here. The opportunity is terrific."

Nelly's venture has upset pressure groups because of it's controversial name - but he insists, "Pimp Juice is nothing derogatory, it's an energy drink.

"It's not an alcoholic beverage or nothing like that. I'm a big fan of sports. With (rap collective) the ST LUNATICS, we need a lot of energy. We're constantly working."

30/10/2003 09:43