Rapper Nelly has dealt the ultimate blow to BRITNEY SPEARS - by citing her as more likely to end up in rehabilitation or in a mental health facility than pop rival Christina Aguilera.

The HOT IN HERE hitmaker, who recently teamed up with DIRRTY singer Aguilera for the new track TILT 'CHA HEAD BACK, believes TOXIC beauty Spears would be the one out of the two to crumble.

He tells BLENDER magazine, "Christina looks like she's doing it on purpose, and she looks like she has that under control. Like, this is her.

"And I think if something were to seriously happen to Britney, it might really affect her mentally.

"I'm not saying that it would, because I know Britney and she's cool, but that could be a downer for her to come down from so high as the Barbie doll of pop."

17/09/2004 02:36