Nelly says Nicki Minaj brings the ''star power'' to their collaboration.

The 38-year-old rapper worked with Nicki and Pharrell Williams on his latest single 'Get Like Me' and he has praised her incredible talents in the studio, describing Nicki as a ''360 degrees'' artist.

In an interview on the breakfast show on UK station Capital FM today (10.10.13), he said: ''Nicki's what we call a 360. She brings it all to a situation. She brings the star power, she brings the lyrics, she brings her charisma and everything else to a track. It's hard to find those 360 artists these days, they bring everything to a situation.''

Nelly is equally full of praise for Pharrell - who he first worked with in 2002 on his LP 'Nellyville', which spawned his mega hit 'Hot In Herre' - and credits the N.E.R.D producer for inspiring him to always push himself creatively with his music.

The 38-year-old rap star said: ''The thing about him is that, you know Pharrell is a limit pusher. You know he wants to push you to your limits but he wants to bring out the best in you. He's one of those few producers that you trust in the sense of letting him guide you into new territory.''