Hip-hop star Nelly has branded Mariah Carey one of the biggest inspirations an artist can get for the way she bounced back after her career slumped. The HOT IN HERRE rapper is overwhelmed by Carey's success after her much publicised breakdown in 2001/2002 following the failure of both the movie and album GLITTER, which prompted label Virgin to buy out her record contract. And now, after collaborating with her on Carey's upcoming track TO THE FLOOR, he's more convinced than ever of her talents. He tells MTV, "Mariah Carey, she's possibly the best singer I've heard. "And you watch someone such as Mariah, who went from the highest of the high to the lowest of the low, and come back like she never missed a beat, and stand up and smack everybody in the face like, 'I'm still here; matter of fact I'm better' - that gives you inspiration. That keeps me going."