Nelly insisted on going into the studio to record his duets with Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson, because he wanted the songs to truly represent his experience of working with the superstars. The HOT IN HERRE rapper often records his sections of duets by himself and then sends his contribution to his collaborator as a computer file. But he wanted to sit down to write the track TO THE FLOOR with Carey and the song CALL ON ME with Jackson from scratch, so he would feel like more than just a rapper for hire. He tells MTV, "I wanted to do something different. I just don't want to be, 'You do the song and I put the 16 (bars) on the end, or eight bars on the front.' "With Mariah, I went in, me and Mariah sat down and wrote the song out. With Janet, we went in, wrote the song out. It's not like they had the song done and said, 'Nelly, put your thing on it.' "I'm happy it went that way because I feel more of a part of it. You can't take me off and still have a song."