Rapper Nelly has blasted authorities at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, after they scrapped a vital bone marrow drive he was scheduled to hold there.

The HOT IN HERRE hitmaker was due to appear at the charity function back in April (04) and was upset when officials at the African-American all-girls college protested his racy images of women in his videos and decided to cancel the event.

Nelly, whose sister is in need of a bone marrow donor, was appalled that his rap star image was a consideration for a fundraiser he felt was very important.

Speaking to urban magazine SISTER 2 SISTER, he fumes, "I'm trying to do something that will impact on my life for the rest of my life, and you're doing something that you might not even be thinking about years from now.

"Some girl down there (at Spelman)... she's just so, 'Well, we wanted to hold Nelly accountable for what he's doing,' and all this. Hold me accountable? Sweetheart, you knew we was coming to Spelman three months prior, four months prior."

The rapper has asked magazine editor JAMIE FOSTER BROWN to track down the student union official who sparked the protest and interview her about her reasons for her actions.

24/11/2004 21:02