Nelly has teamed up with Akon, T-Pain and Pharrell Williams to form a rap supergroup.
The Hot In Herre hitmaker, who was previously rumoured to be working with T.I., revealed his plans to join forces with his fellow rappers on a new record.
He tells America's MTV website, "Me, Akon, T-Pain and Pharrell are talking about doing a project. We got a host of things we're trying to do - possibly put together this new 2009 (Bell Biv DeVoe) type of thing."
And Nelly isn't worried about conflicted schedules getting in the way of the collaboration.
He adds, "I don't think you try to put things together with people you don't think you can accomplish (them) with. With 'Kon, with Pain and Pharrell, I know it's more about the music than anything. It's about leaving something.
"I think we're all OK as far as the money thing goes. I don't think anybody is hurting. You wanna do things you can be remembered by. Make a mark. I think that's something that's foremost on all our minds."
But Williams is keeping quiet the project: "Those are all my boys. I'm kinda like the only one that adheres to the oath of secrecy. I don't wanna break that," and refuses to reveal what direction the sound will take, adding, "Well, seeing as though I'm supposed to be upholding my end of the bargain of upholding my oath of secrecy, I'm not so sure of how to answer that question."