Rap superstar Nelly has urged youngsters in his home town of St. Louis, Missouri to vote in the November (04) presidential elections at a HIP-HOP SUMMIT on Friday (20AUG04).

The DILEMMA hitmaker joined fellow celebrities including Jadakiss and Russell Simmons at the city's convention centre to encourage the 5,000 attendees to a more active interest in politics.

Simmons told reporters, "This is serious business. These people sit here for three hours and learn.

"Honestly, what hip hop is about is poor people. It's inspiring all different kinds of poor people - black, white... They can be part of a voting bloc that is more compassionate."

At the centre volunteers spent hours registering people to vote and showed them how to using the polling cards. Another scheme is to text, email and page people to remind them to vote on 2 November (04).

23/08/2004 16:55