It's an expensive night out when rapper Nelly and producer pal JERMAINE DUPRI hit their favourite strip club in Atlanta, Georgia - they spend $20,000 (GBP11,100) on the girls each time.

The HOT IN HERRE hitmaker insists Dupri joins him at top club Magic City's Magic Monday whenever he's in Atlanta - and the producer knows to raid his safe before making the trip.

Dupri tells US men's magazine KING, "Everything is a go when we go to the strip club. We come in with 10,000 singles. Do you know what that looks like?

"We throw that s**t on the floor. That's $10,000 a piece. We throw money 'til the club closes."

And Dupri's girlfriend Janet Jackson is more than happy to let her man visit his favourite strip clubs.

He reveals, "I think she understands it's part of the lifestyle. I don't go to strip clubs 'cause I'm horny... When I'm in a strip club my d**k doesn't get hard. I'm not in that mindset.

"At a strip club, you gonna get some good food, drinks, nakedness and good music... I took Janet to Magic City one time. It was like a concert - the girls stopped dancing. They wanted to be where she was."

28/07/2005 09:27