Nelly Furtado rewrote her album to please her daughter.

The Canadian-born singer recorded her new album 'Mi Plan' at home and paid careful attention to the advice she was given by five-year-old Nevis - her child with husband Demacio Castellon - when comprising the final track listing.

She said: "I had English writer's block so I decided to make an album in Spanish. I played it to my daughter and she said to me, 'Mummy there are too many slow songs. You need more fast songs.'

"So mummy went back to the studio and put a couple more fast songs on the album.

"She's like a little A and R person and is pretty musical for her age."

While the Spanish album took the 'Maneater' star in a new direction, she is already thinking ahead to her next direction and wants to collaborate with 'Bulletproof' hitmaker La Roux.

She added to Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "I love La Roux and I'm there for a collaboration. It would be fun.

"It's fantastic how popular dance music is right now and I'd love to do something more dancey in the future.

"It would be something natural for me to do because I started out in trip hop and dance has always been a part of my music."