Pop beauty Nelly Furtado found her pregnancy an inspiration, and insists her baby will only make her a better musician.

The I'M LIKE A BIRD singer - who gave birth to daughter NEVIS eight weeks ago - says she always rises to a challenge.

Nelly says, "Being pregnant was a real boost. It made me feel I could do anything.

"I felt the same way when I first became famous. It's like you're invincible.

"I remember once I had a second-degree burn on my leg and I had to perform half an hour later. Another time, someone died in my family and I still played the next day.

"Everything happens so fast and there's so much to do that you just have to deal with it. It makes you feel so incredibly capable.

"I had that baby bug and I knew it wasn't going to go away. So I thought, 'Girl, just get on with it.' I was never worried about it affecting my career."

08/12/2003 17:07