LATEST: Nelly Furtado has further fuelled a war of words between her and Fergie after hitting back at comments The Black Eyed Peas star made about her on radio last week (ends11May07). Fergie told Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest that she and Furtado had fallen out over a lyrics mix up when she appeared on his morning show last week. Furtado appeared on the same show this morning (14May07) and admitted she was puzzled about why her pop rival was still talking about the spat. She told the host, "We spoke about it face to face... We kinda cleared it up about a month ago... I thought it was water under the bridge. "I threw the first punch, technically, thinking she had thrown the first punch. She told me she did not and then I said, 'You know what, I'm sorry...' I'm sure we'll be friends again in the future. "I'm not a bully, I'm just an artist and when you're an artist you have a certain artistic license and when you feel things intuitively and you feel like you've been insulted or hurt you just react."