Canadian singer Nelly Furtado enlisted the help of her Florida pals to learn how to dance for her long-awaited new single PROMISCUOUS. The chart beauty, 27, teams up with producer Timbaland to compose the track and enrolled Justin Timberlake to cameo in the video. Despite training as a ballet dancer, Furtado admits her dancing style didn't have any street-cred and she was forced to seek help. She tells, "It's an important skill. There's a craft to it. You can be one of those girls who think they can do it - 'Oh yeah, I'm going to shake my booty' - but if you're with Timbaland in the studio, no, no, no. "When I came into the pop business, I was intimidated. Oh my God, I have to compete with all these people who've been in THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB since they were two. "And Justin, the fact that he's a schooled dancer, he's just a triple threat. It's amazing when you have that skill."