Canadian singer Nelly Furtado is happy to lose her 'baby weight' naturally after the birth of her first child NEVIS.

The LIKE A BIRD star and her DJ boyfriend LIL' JAZ welcomed their daughter into the world last September (030, and unlike fellow celebrities CATHERINE ZETA-JONES and Victoria Beckham who went on extreme diets to regain their svelte figures, Furtado isn't concerned with her shape.

She says, "I'm trying to exercise, but I started slow. You have to go slowly, eat healthily and take care of yourself after the birth.

"Just let it happen naturally. I don't believe in dieting. Don't make it all about going to the gym"

The GRAMMY-winning beauty admits she has been doing weights to help her body support the heavy weight of a baby.

Furtado explains, "The abdominal muscles get weak, so your back gets delicate and you have to strengthen your abs again. That's really important - especially when you're going to be carrying the baby a lot."

11/03/2004 21:16