Legendary rocker Neil Young's upcoming protest album LIVING WITH WAR will be made available to download online from Friday (28APR06), ahead of its as-yet-confirmed official release date. The 60-year-old is allowing fans to visit his website and download the controversial 10-track LP, which he recorded in just three days, in its entirety. On 2 May (06), Living With War - which criticises the war in Iraq and includes a track attacking US President George W Bush called IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT - will be released commercially as a digital download before record bosses hope to get it in stores sometime between 5 and 15 May. BILL BENTLEY, a spokesman for Reprise Records, says, "Neil wants this album out there as soon as possible." According to reports, Impeach The President accuses Bush of lying and features a rap with the leader's voice and a choir singing "flip flop" - an insult directed at Democrat John Kerry, who Bush defeated at the 2004 presidential election.