Rocker Neil Young has been criticised after refusing to support a new charity campaign. founder and Relix magazine boss Steve Bernstein asked the star to donate guitar strings for a fundraising initiative - and was stunned when the rock star turned him down. Bernstein plans to turn the donated strings into bracelets and sell them on auction website - and hand the proceeds to charities of the stars' choice. Keith Richards, Slash and Pete Townshend are among the guitar greats who have sent Bernstein strings, and raised thousands of dollars for good causes. Bernstein says, "Neil Young is the only person who has said no without giving a reason. Paul MCCartney is already backing a different charity with bracelets, so he declined. "Young gave no reason. And I can't understand it, because it's so easy to just get his guitar tech to send in strings. "He doesn't have to perform, and the proceeds would go to a charity of his choice."