Rocker Neil Young blames former U.S. president Bill Clinton for the political situation in America, claiming his lies helped GEORGE W. Bush into power. Liberal-thinking Young traces the decline back to when Clinton denied having an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky in the mid-1990s. He says, "In this country we had a bad group of events starting with Bill Clinton and leading up to Bush. Clinton was a catalyst for a lot of this stuff because he played out on a moral stage a very bad scenario. He lied directly to the American people about something that has to do with core family values. "He's not a bad person; he made a mistake. but in lying he made a worse mistake. And although it was very human and people forgive him for doing that, he gave the other side, the conservative side, the aggressive side, a huge opening. If it hadn't been for what he did, Al Gore would have been president. We would have had a president who understands the environment. We would have had a smart man in there."