Rockers Neil Young and Shania Twain are reportedly joining a line-up of music heavyweights for the CONCERT FOR TORONTO - which aims to lift the Canadian city's economic problems in the wake of the Sars outbreak.

The show - being dubbed "the music event of a lifetime" - is taking place on 21 June (03), and yesterday (29MAY03) a massive 70,000 tickets were sold in just three hours.

Officials are hopeful the star-studded attraction will restore the city's reputation as a safe and fun place to visit and bring much needed tourism back to the city.

Artists such as Sarah Mclachlan, Avril Lavigne, SUM 41 and the BARENAKED LADIES have already signed on for six hours of music, which will spread across two venues to accommodate nearly 70,000 people.

30/05/2003 19:05