Rocker Neil Young has thrown his support behind a new Kickstarter campaign to save rainforests around the world.

Young, who previously used the fundraising website to promote his Pono music service, has teamed up with bosses at the San Francisco-based Rainforest Connection to help them fight illegal logging operations.

The campaign, if successful, will enable old cell phones to be fitted with a solar-powered energy source and placed in a rainforest. The devices then alert authorities if they pick up the sound of chainsaws, gunshots or animals in distress.

In a video for the Rainforest Connection, Young says, "(This) is a technology that's a connection between the rainforest and you. This technology enables the forest to talk to the world. When the forest is threatened, the forest can speak and you can hear it."

Young's previous Kickstarter campaign for Pono was the third most funded project in the website's history.