PET SHOP BOYS stars Neil Tennant and CHRIS LOWE are terrified Londoners will snub their live performance of movie BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN's soundtrack next Sunday (12SEP04) - even though it's free.

The WEST END GIRLS hitmakers have composed a new score for SERGEI EISENSTEIN's groundbreaking silent film, which will be shown on a huge screen in the capital's Trafalgar Square.

But they're concerned the lack of advertising and bad weather could put fans off attending.

Tennant complains, "I keep waking up in the night panicking. There are so many factors - whether anyone will turn up, free events mean no advertising and a less committed audience - whether the weather will hold. Recently LA BOHEME in Trafalgar Square was cancelled 15 minutes before its start because of freak weather. It was terrifying to see."

06/09/2004 21:07