The reviews for 'The Smurfs 3D' are in, with the general consensus suggesting Neil Patrick Harris saves the movie from being sub-standard. Harris plays 'Patrick Winslow', one of the film's only human characters who is given the job of leading the 'Smurfs' back to their magical village.
The movie also features Jamya Mays, Sofia Vergara and 'The Simpsons' voice-actor Hank Azaria, but the San Francisco Chronicle claim Patrick Harris is the real saving grace, noting, "No doubt Harris will poke fun at his participation in this film the next time he's hosting an awards show, but don't be fooled. It takes a good actor to save a bad movie" During a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, the actor explained how he prepared to act alongside Cgi characters, saying, "For me, it was asking a lot of questions about what the visuals were going to be that I can't see, so I had a clear idea in my mind what I was reacting to, and then just putting trust in them. I wanted to be as specific as possible". Best known for his long-running role in television series 'How I Met Your Mother', Patrick has since turned attention to film and theatre, and recently completed work on 'The Muppets' and 'A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas'
'The Smurfs 3D', directed by Raja Gosnell, hits cinemas in the U.S. from today (29th July 2011).