How I Met Your Mother Star Neil Patrick Harris will feature on an exclusive sit down with chat Queen Oprah Winfrey, set to air this Sunday, in which he and his other half David Burtka will reveal the complicated story of how their twin children were born.
"Two eggs, two embryos, one of mine, one of his." This is the blunted answer given to Oprah on a preview of the show, which will be the first time that the couple will delve into the science of how the fraternal twins Gideon Scott, a boy, and Harper Grace, a girl, were born in October 12, 2010.
In the interview, the couple tell that they knew the surrogate, but the egg donor - who they found through a donation bank and thus were able to research her personal and medical history - was anonymous. Harris told Winfrey they "lucked out" given that both of the embryos took, meaning that the pair was able to have children that retained both of the father's genetic information.
Harris also delves into his own sexuality, admitting he initially had sexual feelings for the same sex at a very early age - "probably six, seven. Young."