Neil Patrick Harris loves dating a chef.

The 38-year-old actor admits his eating habits have changed dramatically since he moved in David Burtka - who quit acting in 2009 to retrain as a chef - because his own culinary skills are so limited.

Neil - who has 13-month-old twins Gideon and Harper with David - told Empire magazine: "I can't seem to cook a meal. You have no idea how good it is to live with a chef. I've had a lifetime of Subway sandwiches and In-N-Out burgers and now it's all paninis and Kobe beef."

Neil - who has been in a relationship with David for seven years - recently revealed how he and his partner decided to marry, though they have not yet been able to tie the knot.

He said: "It's complicated. David proposed to me five and a half years ago in New York on the same street corner where we met. The following year on Valentine's Day in Santa Monica, one of my gifts was a ring and I proposed to him."