New Zealand pop star Neil Finn has reunited with his Crowded House bandmate NICK SEYMOUR for his upcoming solo album. Finn tells that the suicide of the pair's bandmate PAUL HESTER last year (05) brought him and Seymour together and they've been working on music ever since. Finn says, "Working together again feels really good. It felt natural and right. We've been good company for each other. "The day we heard what happened with Paul, we were about to play a show at (the) Albert Hall (in London), my brother (Tim Finn) and I. We decided we had to continue and I rang Nick; he was the one I wanted to have there." Finn's new solo album will be a family affair - his wife and two sons appear on tracks. He adds, "It's a pretty emotional record, I think." Crowded House split in 1996 after a string of international hits including WEATHER WITH YOU, DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER and FALL AT YOUR FEET.