A trespasser was arrested at the U.K. home of former Crowded House star Neil Finn on Saturday (24Sep11) after calling police to report himself.
The singer/songwriter took to Twitter.com to recount the odd break-in, calling the intruder "U.K.'s dumbest criminal".
Writing about the incident on Sunday (25Sep11), Finn explained, "Last night a drunken young man beat loudly on the door and smashed out our window... He then dialled the police and had himself arrested.
"U.K.'s dumbest criminal had the chance to flee but chose to wait for the police."
The Don't Dream It's Over singer later added, "The shirtless young man believed he was somewhere, but alas he was somewhere else."
The confused intruder has since apologised to Finn and "is willing to pay for the damages".