Neil Diamond is in trouble with Barbra Streisand after revealing he once greedily gobbled a gift he bought for her on a plane journey.

The SWEET CAROLINE singer decided to treat his pal to her favourite candy during a trip to New York some years ago, but ate the gift on the six hour journey back west.

Diamond had kept the incident a dark secret for years but confessed everything during a rare interview with broadcaster Larry King on CNN in America last night (29SEP03).

Diamond revealed, "I went to New York and picked up a dozen big packages of GOLDENBERG'S for Barbra and I took them back on the plane.

"I thought, 'I'll just have one. Barbra doesn't even know I was gonna bring any back for her.' So I had one and it was about 10 pieces and it was so good.

"Another half hour went by and I had another one, thinking, 'There's plenty for her and she's gonna love it.'

"Anyway, I finished every package and I was so sick. I never told her. If she hears that story, she'd going to give me such a shud (corr)."

Ironically, Diamond and Streisand both attended the same school in Brooklyn, New York, but never knew each other growing up.

01/10/2003 01:52