Crooner Neil Diamond has his girlfriend to thank for his hit duet with Natalie Maines - because her inadvertently taped background singing inspired the hitmaker to call on the Dixie Chick.
Diamond insists he never considered Another Day as a duet until he heard his Australian girlfriend Rae Farley singing with him on a playback demo tape.
He explains, "It really wasn't until I was working with a little cassette player and my girlfriend was singing along with me, while I was writing it, that it struck me as a duet.
"At first I didn't appreciate her singing along, but she was in the background there. When I listened back to it, I thought, 'Yes, this absolutely should have a girl singing there.' It sounded great, despite
the fact that Rae can't sing a lick.
"When I finished the song, I spoke to (producer) Rick Rubin about it and he immediately suggested Natalie Maines. He said she was a great singer, so we sent the record over to Natalie.
"We both went into the studio and we both sang the song. I really enjoyed the company out there, and she is a wonderful singer. She had a great attitude and it was fun."