Ne-Yo is to be turned into a comic book hero.

The 'So Sick' hitmaker is teaming up with Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee to release 'Libra Scale' - a storybook version of his forthcoming album in which the singer will be turned into a man named Jerome.

Ne-Yo said: "I've been a fan for years. I'm trying not to geek-out being with Stan.

"It's cool I can take this comic element of myself and blend it to the music element. I got to draw characters myself."

Stan - who created the characters Spider-Man, Iron Man and The Hulk - believes the music industry can benefit by embracing comic book culture.

Speaking at the New York comic book convention last weekend, he said: "Basically a really good rapper or really good music is super because people love it - and it inspires a man, it makes him feel great

"Reading a really good comic book with super characters does the same thing. And I promised Ne-Yo that I'm gonna make him feel at home and make sure that he feels comfortable with what we're doing, because he's a very shy guy!

"But seriously nothing appeals to young people or even older people as much as a good story and good music, so we're gonna put them both together."

Ne-Yo's character is given superpowers and told he cannot fall in love - until he meets the villain Diamond Eyes.

As well as the comic book, Jerome's story will also be played out in the singer's music videos.

'Libra Scale' goes on sale on November 1.