Ne-Yo thinks he can sing because he is so hopeless with women.

The 'Beautiful Monster' hitmaker insists he has never been successful with approaching the opposite sex and has to rely on his vocal talents to impress them.

He said: "I was the worst at high school. If I liked a girl I'd be like, 'Oh, er, hey how you doing? I like your. ears.'

"I had this friend who was a genius at chatting up girls. He'd get them to come over and then sa, 'Have you met my friend? He can sing.'

"I think that's why God gave me this voice - so I wouldn't have to talk to girls - I could just sing to them."

The 30-year-old star also spoke about his encounters with British female fans, admitting they don't "take much persuasion" to sleep with him.

Asked about a survey claiming British girls were 'easy', he told more! magazine: "I've heard that before. And I've experienced it.

"I can't really say because I haven't been with all the British girls, but the ones I've met have not taken much persuasion. But don't worry - that just means they're all very hospitable."