Ne-Yo wanted another daughter.

The 'So Sick' hitmaker - who has Mason, six, and Madilyn, seven, with his ex Monyetta Shaw and Prince Shaffer Chimere Smith Jr. with his wife Crystal Renay - can't wait to welcome his new baby, a son, into the world in a few months and whilst he is excited about the arrival, he would have loved if it was a little girl.

He told Entertainment Tonight: ''Every single time is like the first time. It's definitely a labour of love, I'll say that. [A girl would] even it out. Mason at least has my sister's son. They partner up and play all the time. And Maddie is kind of by herself, and I wanted to give her a little sister just to have some camaraderie. She was actually broken up about it not being a girl. She wanted a sister, but I broke it down for her. Like, 'Now you got three little henchmen, and they gotta do what you told them to.' SJ is still kind of young. He doesn't really know what's going on, but Mason is digging it.''

Meanwhile, Ne-Yo took to social media last week to reveal him and Crystal were expecting a boy.

He wrote on Instagram: ''HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE IT'S A BOY!! ... Now Princess Maddie has 3 lil' protectors to hold her down for life! ... You're gonna be a GREAT big sister to your 3 lil' brothers babygirl. Mason, now you got 2 lil' cats that are gonna be stealing your clothes, bugging you to tag along n' whatnot...go easy on em'. They're gonna look up to their big brother. Give them something to look up to! @itscrystalsmith My Queen. I know you had your heart set on a girl. To be honest I did too. But clearly you were born to give the world kings! And I'm more than happy with that. Love you baby. You shine.. THANK YOU to everybody that came thru and shared the moment with us. (sic)''