Ne-Yo once stopped a fan from committing suicide.

The 'Because of You' hitmaker revealed his music has had a powerful effect on his supporters and he said the best thing he's ever been given is a thank you from a man who praised him for inspiring him not to end his own life.

He said: ''The best thing I've ever received from a fan was a thank you for giving him reason to not commit suicide.''

The R&B star also admitted despite performing at high profile events and large arenas in the past he prefers to have shows in smaller venues as he can see the effect his music has on people and he praised UK fans for appreciating his ''hard work.''

He told the Metro newspaper: ''I love being able to see actual faces and touch people. Not that arenas and stadiums aren't exquisite, but when you know you've made a difference to someone from the expression on their face, it makes it all worth it.

''UK fans appreciate hard work, good music and the hard work that goes into making good music.''