Ne-Yo's wife spent ''every other day'' in the hospital during her first pregnancy.

The 'Push Back' hitmaker is just days away from meeting his second baby but he has admitted his spouse Crystal Renay - whom he married in 2016 - was terrified when she found out she was expecting again because she experienced ''crazy complications'' when she was carrying their first son Shaffer two years ago.

Speaking on 'The Breakfast Club', the 38-year-old singer said: ''We are literally in that 'any day' stage. I'm moving around but I've got the phone right here just in case she goes into labour and I'm heading straight back to LA.

''Our first one, she had crazy complications because she got into an accident when she was younger so she's got scar tissue on the inside so she sick every day.

''Literally, we were in the hospital every other day with her first pregnancy ... When she got pregnant this time, she was just broken down because she had all these plans and she realised she would't be able to do anything. But this time she's easy breezy. She's eating everything. Everything!''

But while his wife is piling on the pounds, he has lost weight by following a strict plant-based diet after he began to experience ''really bad'' tendonitis in his knees.

He explained: ''The vegan life is working for me.

''I've been vegan about a year now. It was health reasons mainly, but when I took that three-year break and then I decided I was going to jump back in and I was doing rehearsals and stuff to try and get back into the swing of it, I learned that I've got tendonitis in both my knees like really really bad. After rehearsals my joints would be swollen up to where I can't even bend my leg. So a friend of mine told me that a plant-based diet can not only reverse the effects but can eradicate it completely. It took three weeks! Three weeks and it's like I've got 12 year old knees again.''